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New York: Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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China exercises shocking new military flights over Taiwan: Asia analyst reacts


China exercises shocking new military flights over Taiwan: Asia analyst reacts

NEW: China appears to be more ’emboldened’ to stand up to the U.S. by exercising new military actions, including flights close to Taiwan, says Asia analyst Gordon Chang. “This is exceedingly dangerous.” – via American Agenda, weekdays at 2PM ET on Newsmax

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  1. Carlos Cruz 2 weeks ago

    No one still seems ready to conclude that the corona virus is the result of a collaboration between Fauci/Democrats and China to take down their common enemy.

  2. China OWNs Biden.

  3. Counter-narrative 2 weeks ago

    Coming Collapse of China was published in 2001. "Coming" has been stretched out to 20 years, Gordon. How about you give it another 100 years?

  4. sky heart 2 weeks ago

    whether COVID came from China or US Lab.. They have to tell the truth now that this came from a lab and therefore man made- , Fauci has a lot of explaining to do to Senate and the whole world why they even dismissed it from the beginning if they are not hiding something!!

  5. Kim Gow 2 weeks ago

    Anyone else find it very frightening that the 20th anniversary of 9/11 is in literally 3 days and the Taliban takes over and Joe Biden made us look so weak. I hate them all, an I never use that word !!! I think America is going to get hit bc of the fake pos's in charge rt now
    God bless America and the world!!

  6. Dimitri Vincheov 2 weeks ago

    You mean the coming collapse of the USA? arrogant Gordon…

  7. Elaine Coyle 2 weeks ago

    This is just part of the Biden's/Obama's new world order. Part of the plan.

  8. Hanh Ho 2 weeks ago

    Dems shameful

  9. Adonis Vouvali 2 weeks ago

    I'm a bit disappointed that Newsmax has not been covering the fact that there's hundred of Americans BIDEN left stranded in Afghanistan, and at the mercy of taliban terrorists.

  10. Pentti Salonen 2 weeks ago

    They did not fly over Taiwan. The Air Defence Identification Zone is not part of a country's territory. When a country declares an ADIZ it basically says this is where we keep a close eye on you. It puts no obligation on others, it's an obligation to the country's own military. it has no legal power over others.
    Take a look at Taiwan's ADIZ. It covers Chinese national territory so basically when the chinese are flying in their own airspace they are "flying over Taiwan" according to these experts.

  11. Joseph Ces 2 weeks ago


  12. Alice Sauder 2 weeks ago

    Here we go!
    Biden said he got us out of war!

  13. Blizzard23 2 weeks ago

    Sorry Taiwan Biden threw US allies under the bus with his fiasco and left them there as well, better hope Japan will hold them off

  14. buljo5150 2 weeks ago

    How does he know China was supplying the Taliban with weapons?

  15. john milner 2 weeks ago

    Biden is napping.. hot cocoa …nap time

  16. marshallo _ 2 weeks ago


  17. David Motyka 2 weeks ago

    I believe China will invade Taiwan.The West should not be surprised.

  18. Norbert Müller 2 weeks ago

    The answer ? You and Germany an more staates make China great, you are the crime and mony go in the armee in China.

  19. glen valley 2 weeks ago

    But it is psychological warfare on Taiwan.

  20. Samai Pata 2 weeks ago

    Isn’t Hunter not already in China to negotiate the sale of Taiwan⁉️

  21. Itwasme007 2 weeks ago

    For as longest Trump is out office, the world is in danger.

  22. HEknowsall777 2 weeks ago

    What a joke the China virus started in China I wonder where it came from. Oh oh I got flagged for saying China ……. wil I be banned?

  23. HEknowsall777 2 weeks ago

    Like everyone else I want to know what Biden thinks & what he's going to do about it if China attacks Taiwan. Is he going to lay down & scratch his fleas or will he back America's friends.

  24. Bernard OToole 2 weeks ago

    Most certainly part of their game plane. No winners in a nuclear confrontation so it's but muscle flexing from their part. It's when they think that they are superior to the USA when they will push their luck

  25. Joe Delo 2 weeks ago

    The agreement was hand over Afghanistan to the Taliban, arm them to the teeth, leave hostages, and then give them Taiwan. For that, they'll keep his dirty dossier secret.

  26. alex black 2 weeks ago

    All the people of Taiwan can move to the U.K. nothing to worry about.

  27. Robert Bryant 2 weeks ago

    Can't even imagine the Joe O'xiden regime trying to stop the CCP in a war! China / CCP is the superpower of the world not the USA!
    Wake up Joe.. .

  28. Ultima742 2 weeks ago

    You don't stand up to Biden. You talk down to him

  29. Sofiya Grober 2 weeks ago

    Gordon has no idea what he is talking about. He has only a wishful thinking. US involved?? War games showed times and times again. China will successfully repel US from asian pacific theater

  30. Wayne 2 weeks ago

    Shoot them down for invading their airspace!

  31. Allen weeks 2 weeks ago

    Wait til they release another virus that ten time more deadly than covid on us…so they can knock population down and take over the USA…..they are crazy enough to do it

  32. donindri 2 weeks ago

    The only thing the White House will protect is abortion clinics.

  33. donindri 2 weeks ago

    Shocked? Are you totally ignorant of who we have in the White House? The Chinese own the U.S.!

  34. MJ hewitt 2 weeks ago

    So senater paul was correctwhen he told the good doctor he was responsible in a large way for the killing of hiw many Americans? Gitmo needs another prisoner ?

  35. james thetruth 2 weeks ago

    The most dangerous thing is a weak president overreacting, to look strong.

  36. Nedda T 2 weeks ago


  37. DUDE LESS LETHAL 2 weeks ago

    September 11 China is going to take Taiwan.

  38. God Jupiter 2 weeks ago

    Japan needs to build a military!!!!!!!

  39. Wrath of Kali 2 weeks ago

    the empty fort is literally where a defender is so weak, he deliberately leaves the fort empty….
    so the attacker sees an obvious " trap " and walks away.

  40. Zero Jon 2 weeks ago

    Then CCP can easily take Vietnam, Korea, Japan.

  41. Zero Jon 2 weeks ago

    Biden wants CCP to invade Taiwan.

  42. Coming Collapse of China by Gordon Chang,
    Still waiting 💀💀

  43. Recalling when Gordon said CCP will fall and they still goin strong

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POLITICS: China exercises shocking new military flights over Taiwan: Asia analyst reacts - Video

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