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New York: Monday, September 20, 2021
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Congresswoman reveals shocking details of Afghanistan phone call


Congresswoman reveals shocking details of Afghanistan phone call

Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney comments on the situation in Afghanistan and a disturbing phone call she learned about in the Foreign Relations Committee – via Wake Up America on Newsmax.

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  1. Sng Sln 1 week ago

    Ghani got the loot and shared it with Biden

  2. Sng Sln 1 week ago

    Ghani and Biden agreed to share the loot.!all the money now is with Hunter

  3. Gary Stowers 1 week ago

    Bidden is only a Straw–man. Someone for the people to beat-up on while the real controllers are free to continue their destructive war against the common people of the World.

  4. Donna J 1 week ago


  5. Mom Mom 1 week ago

    Biden is not our president!!!!!! Don't even say it, please.

  6. Marcel Step 1 week ago

    Will the reed sea or a sea of 7red be involved..
    🤝 Afghanistan Gangstas, cuhz y'all keep the👳 it's piece… LmaoU.S.A

  7. Ginge F 1 week ago

    Biden shows strength in supporting the CCP. I have heard that Zhee jing Ping is his financial mentor.

  8. Osun Kinnear 1 week ago

    Rest in Peace beautiful Child.
    I'm so sorry the US Gov't left you

  9. Diogenes 1 week ago

    Anybody smell China yet?

  10. Rand00mThing 1 week ago

    They need to be put through the EXACT SAME procedure they've put Assange through.

  11. Kory T 1 week ago

    We need nukes and f15's

  12. Mary Fowler 1 week ago

    China’s taking over Afghanistan Biden loves China the virus came from China, to many China coincidence with Joe Biden, this was all put in place China put Biden in office by voting fraud, I believe instead of Russia Russia Russia, it’s really China China China’s Joe Biden and China are working together. We need to get China Joe, out.

  13. Bernard Choi 1 week ago

    Because of this stupid and incompetent Biden and his administration caused truly sad situation. IMPEACH BIDEN NOW.

  14. Hookset2490 1 week ago

    What Biden is doing in my opinion is not due to contemptible bumbling. It is cold and calculated and consistent with what he's been urged by others to do since January 20th.
    He's persecuting Americans and sabotaging our sovereignty while allowing foreign enemies to invade our country. And he sides with and gives aid and comfort to our sworn enemies for one purpose…..to totally destroy our country from within.
    Does anyone really think it's just a coincidence that on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, that those responsible would regain total control and assert themselves as a new government that's 100 times more dangerous than they were on 9-11-2001, thanks to Biden arming them? While at the same time Biden is trying to DISARM us?

  15. Gma Jewels 1 week ago

    We will not forget.

  16. Tur Horeb 1 week ago

    Why aren't the media not exposing the audit results?

  17. Tur Horeb 1 week ago

    Execute the Biden administration and the Pelosi regime for betraying Americans and funding the enemy

  18. Matias Raekkoenen 1 week ago

    Sick China Joe

  19. Lucien Leech-Larkin 1 week ago

    Russia Will NOT Be Attending This Taliban "Inaugeration;" They Have Nothing In Common With Them, And It's Most Ill-Advised For America To Remain In Thrall To Their Own Neo-Con Aversion To All Things Russian, Especially In Regard To China, Who Russia Equally Detests!! For God's Sake: Get Over The Bloody Cold War; It's Over!! An Entente Between America And Russia Would Solve Most Of The World's Problems; But You Have To Recognize Russia's Legitimate Zone Of Influence, As Russia Does For America!!

  20. Michael DiDonato 1 week ago

    Quit saying "we might"

  21. Chris G 1 week ago

    What a great woman!’

  22. Nonu TuiSamoa 1 week ago

    Biden is a decoy president, someone or a group of evil people is presiding over America.

  23. MusicLovingFool1 1 week ago

    Mandates are not laws. Do not comply or you will die. Very simple…all was planned. The globalistic eugenic freaks want us all dead. Agenda 20/30, and Agenda 21. Wakey wakey.

  24. Jules Dejesus 1 week ago

    I think the Democrat and Joe Biden wanted to join the Taliban to be a terrorist send them in Afghanistan


  26. AH III 1 week ago

    Yesterday reported Sharia law has been announced as official State government and all 15 and older unmarried girls must report to Taliban government for marriage to the fighters. If any trapped American little girls are made to do this Biden should be tried for child trafficking.

  27. O Fiddle Faddle 1 week ago

    If PRESIDENT TRUMP did what biden has done the Dems would be trying to impeach him!!

  28. Kenneth Ciardullo 1 week ago

    The taliban will hit Europe first. Then they will try to get to the USA. Europe is a easier target.

  29. Phyllis Gallagher 1 week ago

    God Bless you and your Family we will never forget 9/11 🇺🇸 and what happened to the United States of America and please let your son know that we thank him for his service 🌹🇺🇸🙏💞🕊️

  30. Maria Peterson 1 week ago

    All corrupt politicians belong in prison for treason and murder

  31. Janice 1 week ago

    Just when I think they won't go any lower, well…..

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POLITICS: Congresswoman reveals shocking details of Afghanistan phone call - Video

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