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New York: Friday, February 26, 2021
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DC National Guard still sleeping in cold garage; Biden admin leaked to NYT about Trump's health


DC National Guard still sleeping in cold garage; Biden admin leaked to NYT about Trump's health

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Trump is in excellent health. In a current report, The New york city Times exposed that Trump’s COVID-19 signs were even more severe than what was reported 4 months back. Nevertheless, this brand-new claim has little reliability.

The National Guard soldiers are still sleeping in the freezing garage in Washington. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer had actually vowed that “this will not take place once again” however Rep. Lauren Boebert simply presented brand-new images to show the status quo.

Previous CIA and Decocratic, Bryan Dean Wright, left the Democrat celebration as he understood the celebration cannot be restored from the unlimited push of un-American worths. He stated for Democrats like him, they have no option however to leave the celebration for the excellent.

#Trump #NationalGuard #WashingtonDC

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DC National Guard still sleeping in cold garage; Biden admin leaked to NYT about Trump’s health

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  2. Nicholls Wabiria 2 weeks ago

    Go Trump!

  3. Ryan Davis 2 weeks ago

    Live the way you report things my guy , from oregon

  4. Kimberly Sweetman 2 weeks ago

    Just look at the way Congress act’s against each other and the they wonder why the people are divided. Thank you for real true news . It is refreshing.

  5. Joe Brown 2 weeks ago

    Judicial Watch forced a settlement with L.A. Co., alone, to remove 1.56 million inactive persons on the voter rolls. Trump garnered over 2 million more votes in 2020 than 2016, despite mail in voting. Without an audit, continued use of drop boxes, (some counties accept only mail in, allegedly due to covid) removing Newsom will be problematic.

  6. M T 2 weeks ago

    It makes me very very mad to see our troops sleeping under the parking garage, they are not fighting at war why are they treated like that? Beyond my expectation…at least get them some decent place to sleep! No offence but to me it’s disgraceful and disrespectful..shame on the bidumb gov

  7. MannyScoots 2 weeks ago

    They will push that president Trump never had Covid-19……That it was all a fake illness of Covid-19 infection to push a fake agenda ……..and take a shot at the 14th amendment to impeach……

  8. Gary Storm 2 weeks ago

    Please Pray for those who Persecute us

  9. joseph gravina 2 weeks ago

    come on ppl smash the LIKE BUTTON!!!!

  10. Monnieann Bee 2 weeks ago

    Well done, as always!!!

  11. Mercy Rules 2 weeks ago

    There is no penalty for lying liberals. Trump lost the election. Letting them steal it is the same as losing it.

  12. Gigi Devoe 2 weeks ago

    Other countries are now able to see the fools they are dealing with.

  13. Patricia Bailey 2 weeks ago

    I hope they plan to pay for solar panels and electric cars for americans because we dont plan to buy them the for these items has to come from the governent

  14. Ryan B 2 weeks ago

    Democrats don’t believe in the wall and want to defund the police.

    Today they built a wall and hired more police to keep out imaginary people.

    Hypocrisy #109,085,357

  15. Jeff Cale 2 weeks ago

    Mike….fact FBI knew in advance of jan 6 riots….have they released(or is it public) what group did the planning??

  16. Marie G. 2 weeks ago

    With Biden supporting Newsom is sure to lose. Biden is a loser, so is Newsom.

  17. Don ta 2 weeks ago

    Why china joe and demon-rat thugs hate America so much

  18. Ms Jamereia 2 weeks ago

    So this is how the commander in chief treats his soldiers. Can't Trump sue the ppl who leaked his medical records? Thats illegal af.

  19. Donald Pimentel 2 weeks ago

    Democrats carry SO MUCH hate in their hearts and they love so much lies that they can’t see the true 😞

  20. The Democrats should be ashamed of their self we shall honor our troops and I don't understand why they still have the fence up it should come down and I love how they just impeach somebody who is not the president anymore he is a USA citizen now they should be all ashamed of their selves but they're digging their own grave

  21. Lori Shivers 2 weeks ago

    The Democrats are liars and unreasonable hypocrites and they know it and they don't care. This ridiculous Unconstitutional impeachment is just further proof that they stole the election from Trump not to mention the shameful show of guards at the Capitol. I would be embarrassed and ashamed if I was them. All theyre doing with this impeachment is adding insult to injury.

  22. Public Note 2 weeks ago

    i love your videos but honestly that red sweater under the jacket needs to meet with the collar a little more, like, your tye is showing too much

  23. Jenny F 2 weeks ago

    Actually, those of us watching from overseas aren't laughing, we're, freaking out and feel anger, disbeief and fear as the US is our ally and we fear it happening overseas.
    It's unbelievably ridiculous , uses logic, or illogic that a 5 year old could detect as falsity, and we fear it spreading here.
    It's just laughable (OK, funny in that respect) that adults can act like this can't follow logic. Or don't want to moreover.
    Hopefully more will see the truth, but not the majority here that just watch MSM, unfortunately.

  24. Barjeana Jeffries 2 weeks ago

    Can the states in which the pipeline runs through ignore the executive order If it violates their sovereignty or brings harm to their people? .

  25. MAGIC IVY 2 weeks ago

    There is no climate change-it is a hoax and has nothing to do with cars and planes-it is called "mother nature"-this is their dupe they've been trying to push for years. Their plan to destroy our economy and head to new world order. Does anyone actually think they are going to benefit anything by taking our cars/ability to drive and travel and all the busines that goes with it?

  26. Mark Gazel 2 weeks ago

    To the Americans People,

    Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrats Officials is Using the Armies for the Fear to Americans People been Crush the Evils Instigators Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer , Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and Democrats Officials to be true the Americans People are waiting for the Guards to go home. We ask the Fences to take down but it’s not done because we wants them because they are killing us by taking all our Jobs and Our Life so we wants to take the life of the Democrats Officials and Republicans Officials so that Donald Trump can bring life again to the Americans People and their Families.

  27. Lesley Bartholomew 2 weeks ago

    As a veteran of the war in iraq. We have always been misused for political gain. As long as politicians remain out of control. The military will always be misused for politicians gain.

  28. Barjeana Jeffries 2 weeks ago

    Patriot Republican Party.

  29. Laura Paul 2 weeks ago

    Praying for President Trump's reelection!🙏💖🇺🇲

  30. Maria Lopez 2 weeks ago


  31. Susan James 2 weeks ago

    Thanks, Michael!

  32. zedono onodez 2 weeks ago

    The pain of serving a criminal and his goons.

  33. Steve Barnes 2 weeks ago

    This is what happens when an illegitimate imposter like Quid Pro Joe is fraudulently installed in the White House. Although Trump isn't a conventional Republican, he ran as one and Republican Presidents have been historically very pro military. Biden, was VP to a man who decimated our military and created conflicts in Libya and other places. Examples like this are why this fraudulent puppet needs to be removed and the real president needs to be back in the WH.

  34. Barjeana Jeffries 2 weeks ago

    The Senate and State representatives are supposed to be in their cities and states hearing the voice of their people and taking that voice to Washington. Why are you wasting our tax paying dollars by spending time in endless sessions of stupid prosecutions. WE ARE TIRED!

  35. Corbin Hall 2 weeks ago

    Wtf this is bullshit. These are our soldiers. Why are they allowing the Democrat Communist party to do this!!!!!

  36. MAGIC IVY 2 weeks ago

    It really is so laughable and ridiculous! It's like the demonRat party is made -up of a bunch of mentally 10 year olds!

  37. Barjeana Jeffries 2 weeks ago

    Republicans, if you don't stand up for us, we will NOT stand up for you!

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POLITICS: DC National Guard still sleeping in cold garage; Biden admin leaked to NYT about Trump's health - Video

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