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New York: Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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Former DEA Special Ops Agent on the illegal fentanyl trade | Wake Up America


Former DEA Special Ops Agent on the illegal fentanyl trade | Wake Up America

Former DEA Special Ops Agent Derek Maltz on the dangerous drug trade, the rise in fentanyl deaths and more – via ‘Wake Up America’ on Newsmax.

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  1. Laura Paul 2 weeks ago

    We need Trump back in office now since he enforced law and order!!

  2. Clayton Lynch 2 weeks ago

    NBC weapons were so scary during war games…and this is true we are in hot war China. 4 dead last month in my county alone.

  3. B H 2 weeks ago

    Not to worry ADd

  4. Butt Rigging 2 weeks ago

    the same dea that gave weapons to cartels ? They only catch less than half coming across. the rest if for them to sell. its all in the perception.

  5. Ronnie Baker 2 weeks ago

    I lost one of my sons to fentanyl this past spring.
    They are telling the truth!

  6. Tony Torres 2 weeks ago

    Texas start arresting them at the border

  7. Tony Torres 2 weeks ago

    Close the border finish the wall

  8. purplehaze5562 2 weeks ago

    Wow! Our children are dieing at record level. It is an epidemic.

  9. Ricardo Rangel 2 weeks ago

    … the Biden/Harris regime is trying very hard to label American Patriots as terrorists and putting a blind eye to these cartels. This shows us that there interests are in hurting our country.

  10. Brian Herron 2 weeks ago

    Ya know the bidens are getting a cut of EVERY dollar sold. Just wonder how much. I work with a bunch of Trump haters, just glad it's only for 20 days, otherwise, I'd quit. They are NOT shy about how "stupid" he is….such a shame. They are just like the rest of the sheep…"yes, sleepy joe, whatever you say sleepy joe".

  11. Kathy schmoeller 2 weeks ago

    Cutting in line, the immigration line. Trafficking Floyd-killing dope.

  12. Kathy schmoeller 2 weeks ago


  13. Wrath of Kali 2 weeks ago

    B I D E N is deliberately letting it happen.

  14. Mary Wright 2 weeks ago

    If people weren't so stressed about the virus and its tyranny they wouldn't want drugs so much

  15. Tommy Kirwan 2 weeks ago

    IMHO, the "Biden' Our Time" administration are merely puppets, controlled by Highly Organized Marxists in league with China, Russia, and the Mexican Cartels with ONE GOAL: Bring America to it's knees – at Any Cost! What's so Sad is the fact that millions of AMERICAN Citizens have either unknowingly bought into it – or simply don't care about this once Greatest of All Nations!🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍🇺🇸👍GOD HELP US. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!

  16. Matlockization 2 weeks ago

    Just 5 mins on this topic ?

  17. rickrod784 Rodrigues 2 weeks ago

    Why would anyone in their right mind allow this. Is Biden ding his best to stop the flow?

  18. janos fazekas 2 weeks ago

    Anyone how trade illegal fentanyl needs a bullet in the spot!!!!!!!!!!!!! problem solve.
    They are killing our children, end off story.

  19. ฿rian 2 weeks ago

    The dea is responsible for the current fentanyl issue as well as the crack, meth, heroin and opioid epidemics. All while making the violent drug cartels billionaires, congratulations, you played yourself. End the drug war now!

  20. Lance Cahill 2 weeks ago

    Fentanyl is made in China and is smuggled into the US via the wide-open southern border. All made possible by a contribution of Joey Biden.

  21. Southernburrito 2 weeks ago


  22. Elected0nes 2 weeks ago

    Xi Jinping is a real life version of Han, a Chinese drug lord right out of the movie, Enter The Dragon starring Bruce Lee. And what's really alarming is the fact that most if not all generic medications are made with materials manufactured in China! 👀

  23. D S 2 weeks ago

    Kratom is another one. Our 21 year old son died from taking Kratom. Nothing else was found in his system. He had 0.43 nano grams. It’s very dangerous crap so please be aware.

  24. Wen Tai 2 weeks ago

    Who are drug pushers on the streets??? Who benefit the most from the drug sales???
    DEA were colluders with CIA importing drugs from South America to fund illegal activities —— Just ask "Americans Made"!!!

  25. Angela Smith 2 weeks ago

    Send them all back we need to go to war

  26. Ron 2 weeks ago

    America IS awake. Its our government that is asleep at their post.

  27. A Dohmnail 2 weeks ago

    Fentanyl is made in one place on earth: China.

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POLITICS: Former DEA Special Ops Agent on the illegal fentanyl trade | Wake Up America - Video

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