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New York: Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Greg reads the full Trump McConnell letter | Newsmax TV


Greg reads the full Trump McConnell letter | Newsmax TV

“Played him like a FIDDLE…”: Greg reads the scathing Trump note about ‘out of favor hack’ Mitch McConnell. – by means of Greg Kelly Reports, weekdays at 7PM ET on Newsmax TV

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Hmm. yes i understand the
question, you know it's been at least
15 years since I've been following the news, no 10 my folks do that, hmm. what was the question again !?
Excuse me, do you remember
where you read about this ?
Are you kidding !?
of course I can, it was here
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  1. Marie g 5 days ago

    It's inevitable. The Mitch, will reap what he sows… I sure wouldn't want to be him, or any one of the many cockroach that came out of woodwork, once PRESIDENT TRUMP was out of office. By and because of Their wicked deeds they have carried out, THEY will not go unpunished. They will have only themselves to BLAME.

    God have mercy on them.

  2. Martha Vargas 5 days ago

    God touch this nation and unveil the spiritual eyes of all those who went against Trump and patriots! Thank you that the light always shines in the darkness!

  3. Deborah Jennings 5 days ago

    A 9-11 type commission will be a whitewash just like the original inquiry into 9-11. Most of us know who was involved and why in the Capitol incident on January 6th.

  4. BUrton BinGer 5 days ago

    When you glance at the thumps it's 35 to 195 but when you look, it's about 10% of the total thumps up. What would RUSH say? that is the only question we need to answer. The folks from Tennessee did their job, too bad Mitch forgets to act like a leader, the RNC is a step away from forgetting who they are. We the people, of these United States of America. After Uncle Joe goes around the world on his apology tour, taking credit for giving 19 drug away, it will be house voting time, we are stuck with mitch for 6 years, but a smooth reshuffle in 2024 may turn out o.k. A more powerful number two is needed, maybe like a MP always smooth, and the smartest fellow in his class. 35,000 thumbs up, 5,600 comments, yes we need our donald to speak up more, but a little less conversation a little more action. We need Green Talk, and What would RUSH say ~ Newsmax TV is on the "right track" but let's get Mitch in for a talk, he deserves a little air time too. He screwed DJT, but he has to work with the DNC, we can't forget that, what we need is the house, plan and simple, political satire is a great thing, ask Oliver 1500's he had WmS

  5. Kathy Lucas 5 days ago

    Does Joe Biden even remember from day to day that his position was stolen for him?

  6. Cosmic Code 5 days ago

    This will be the end for Mitch boy-.

  7. louis upham 5 days ago

    and nothing will happen

  8. bmoey56 5 days ago


  9. Dude 5 days ago

    Democrats doctored evidence does this also mean the doctor the election

  10. vernon Newcastle 5 days ago

    Nancy has to go.what hatred.she call herself catholic.she is evil.maybe in her sleep she is still tareing all what President Trump has done.

  11. Krums Korner 5 days ago

    For the win.

  12. sha9infinite 5 days ago

    “Business as usual, status quo policies”…..Wow

  13. Hourly Offer 5 days ago

    Trump is not the former President of the USA.
    He IS STILL the President.
    The People need to rise up and put him back to the seat.

  14. Kt Carroll 5 days ago

    Swamp rats come in all political stripes democrats republicans Mitch is useless he needs to go

  15. Hack 5 days ago

    Mr. Trump is spot-on with this letter. We need to to get new people in office that aren't compromised. Marjorie Greene is absolutely correct about these Politian's being in Power too long. It's time for us the people to send them home to retire.

  16. Kay Von Sanden 5 days ago

    Decades of sucking up the money

  17. Kay Von Sanden 5 days ago

    They cling to power but moreover they stick to the inside financial info

  18. Kay Von Sanden 5 days ago

    PRESIDENT TRUMP IS SPOT on of cause, MC CONNELL and other republicans have shown no respect for president Trump or the Republican party

  19. Chera Bekker 5 days ago

    Beijing Biden, McConnell and at least half of the uniparty are Chinese assets.

  20. David Alexander 5 days ago

    McConnell wont be back when Republicans regain control.

  21. David Alexander 5 days ago

    Nancy has run America into the ground now her president will bury us.

  22. John Scot 5 days ago

    President D. Trump will be back soon as at the moment Biden is not a president so President D. Trumps military are in control until the real president returns under the constitution as the 19th President of the American Republic.

  23. susan zhang 5 days ago

    Mitch McConnell's wife Elaine Zhao has been coupling with CCP for many years to make great profits in ship transportation.

  24. Stand Tall Vets 5 days ago

    Trump could come back in a big way with a brand new 2 term presindency from that muxh damage done by the swamp rats, and jail them ALL as the very first presidential order. Millions would back that up.

  25. Deborah Farooq 5 days ago

    Mitch McConnell sold his soul to the devil. God has always said to me that the corruption goes up very high. Mitch McConnell is acting like power gone to his head , because biden is there puppet on a string . ……. the corruption goes very high and mitch McConnell was a sheep in wolf's clothing
    Party of the devil. Speakers of house need term limits . Done term limits . Speakers of house need term limits period.

  26. Flynn News Blog 5 days ago

    I am not contributing to the RNC until McConnell and all traitor RINO's are removed from government.

  27. Virginia Myers 5 days ago

    Noticed all about President Trump were no
    Longer in fb.

  28. G LS 5 days ago

    McConnell and so many of the members of congress, Democrats/communists and Republican/communists like McConnell have been and are continuing to boldly betray the people, the Constitution and this nation that they SWORE to GOD and Country to support and defend against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. THEY ALL NEED TO BE TRIED AND CONVICTED OF TREASON!

    They ARE the enemy!!

  29. Donald May 5 days ago

    He is not the only one on the Republican side that is F***ing us

  30. President Trump's letter that you read is a real winner and nailed it spot on!! I love it !!! It's time for Pelosi & McConnell to retire, unless they get Impeached first !! We love President Trump, but GOD help us all, of Biden sells us all out, with any more of his
    Traitorous and Unconstitutional Actions ! I saw that he was up to at least 64 or 65 Executive Orders so far.
    Doesn't that make him a Dictator by now?!

  31. Steven 5 days ago

    Thank you 👍

  32. Thank you so much for the BROWN NOSER OF A SWAMP TURTLE. PHOTO!!! IT'S PERFECT !!

  33. green rushrelief 5 days ago

    Pelosi wants to be President and does recognize the legal re election of President Trump. This is why she wanted to impeach.

  34. Vaal Cellcity 5 days ago

    Why did Nan….want open borders..??????? Research….Research ..

  35. entity one 5 days ago

    Drinking kills brain cells

  36. Mary 5 days ago


  37. WierdSpookyDude 5 days ago

    The Real President Donald J. Trump has thrown down the gauntlet. Let us recognize this for what it is: This is a Struggle for Control of what's left of the Republican Party!!!
    The RINOS, the Never Trumpets and the Swamp Creatures are going up against the greatest president of my Generation and Donald Trump will win!
    TRUMP has a positive message that still resonates with the American People. He will be PRESIDENT TRUMP once again in 2025! … #Trump47

  38. dave baker 5 days ago


  39. Mary Lamb 5 days ago

    I love my President.

  40. Michael Samuel 5 days ago

    I really miss the MAGA man!

  41. w 5 days ago

    if Republican leaders have any brains at all they will speak out loudly against McConnell, and other RINOs that betray any notion of America First. Next time around we need to vet our candidates to know that they stand for constitutional freedoms and rights. Stop sucking up to to radical left. They'll target you soon enough!

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POLITICS: Greg reads the full Trump McConnell letter | Newsmax TV - Video

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