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New York: Tuesday, September 21, 2021
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Retired Major General: Biden doesn't have America's interest first


Retired Major General: Biden doesn't have America's interest first

Retired Major General Michael McGuire and former DIA Intelligence Officer Rebekah Koffler comment on President Biden’s botched withdrawal and getting Americans out of Afghanistan – via Newsmax.

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  1. Michelle 2 weeks ago

    This is an invasion. This is treason!

  2. William Thomas 2 weeks ago

    Arrest Biden

  3. Samuel Bowers 2 weeks ago

    Everything that Biden has done has put this country at a complete disadvantage. What has Americans gained by having that fool in the White House? What?

  4. Wayne Edwards 2 weeks ago

    Career politicians are only interested in $$$ make as much as possible, there are not accountable they don't care. term limits are needed. imagine Biden 40 years in politics and achieved nothing but wealth for himself and his family. Pelosi is another one who will do and say anything as long as it in her and her minions financial benefit

  5. One Wheel Appeal 2 weeks ago

    Well if all of America's look like little children than that would have Joe Biden's interest

  6. Sylvia Whitfield 2 weeks ago

    Yeah, no kidding he doesn't have America's interest at heart. Is he so completely insolated he doesn't feel the county's rage? He's waiting for it all to calm down so he can keep running his inept game. Not this time Joe.

  7. terri lawson 2 weeks ago

    We need thos guy right now !!!!

  8. terri lawson 2 weeks ago

    Well that's a fact! Thank you !

  9. Brandon Baker 2 weeks ago

    He is the supposed "president" , allegedly. Anyways , America should be his only interest! By not putting American interests first and actually working against them ,they are ALL COMMITTING TREASON!!! We all know it. Anyone with a brain anyway. Is anyone going to do their JOBS and take action to bring any of them to JUSTICE or do we need to hold a civilian held tribunal and execution???? I'd rather it be handled the right way , but it seems that's not going to happen and AMERICA and FREEDOM hangs in the balance!

  10. henryv agincourt 2 weeks ago

    You get what you vote for America, you got a senile old fool!

  11. Barry Coates 2 weeks ago

    Biden doesn't have a clue. Fixed that for ya general.

  12. john maher 2 weeks ago

    I think Biden's cabinet is way less connected to reality than it is believed. They either believe MSM will cover for them or they don't give hoot what anyone thinks. Both are bad.

  13. David A. 2 weeks ago

    Biden Blew It!

  14. Eeezumblogspot 2 weeks ago

    Most of us knew the Democrats intended to destroy the United States even before they took office through an act of treason.

  15. William Davis 2 weeks ago

    The Democrats are Communist so they’re going to help Russia and they’re going to help China but what I don’t understand is why there is a Democratic party it should be disbanded because it is a Communist body why haven’t Americans people disbanded the Communist party in your country

  16. Bloodylaser 2 weeks ago

    America does have a lot of amazing retired generals. Most generals are not like Mr. White Rage Milley!

  17. Afghan war is over. Back to business: prosecuting the failed 1/6 coup attempt. |

  18. Ricky Yung 2 weeks ago

    Trump is still the best President

  19. Kid Na Nongkhai 2 weeks ago

    The time should be up for the Biden administration |

  20. Dom Schimmenti 2 weeks ago


  21. Richie FuckIslam 2 weeks ago

    All this is by design. This is all intentional

  22. J klinok 2 weeks ago

    America is running under “the iron foot” of few “high-ranking” senile crooked scumbags, their handlers in Administration, and the bunch of globalist traitors in Congress, and all its industrial, economic, military, and intellectual “might” is powerless and leaderless in the face of the crooked politics and the crooked and corrupted courts and law enforcement, unable to free the country from this nightmare. Talking about the colossus on the legs made of dirt and sand.

  23. Trina Wallace 2 weeks ago

    This administration is incapable of telling the truth. |

  24. Shroud Codes. com 2 weeks ago

    How dare Biden's doctors refuse to publicly reveal to the nation the true status of his neurological condition before and after he became president and stepped into the Oval Office and what is the most powerful position, the presidency, on the face on the earth. What are Biden's doctors hiding from the public that we all need to know? Plenty! The man is obviously unfit for the demands of the job because he is of unsound mind and that is extremely dangerous for the United States of America, it's allies and indeed, the world.

    He is confused, forgetful, clueless, he hems, he haws, he stammers, every time he opens his mouth, he is reaching for the words to say but cannot even put his thoughts together for more than a couple of seconds. Then he redirects his line of thought (if he has one) and for no apparent reason, starts rambling about subjects not even related to the reason he is holding the press conferences to begin with. Who would get hired for a job under these conditions?

    Biden acts incoherent at times and at other times, slurs his speech, sounding like he just stumbled out of a bar. He often looks as if he is about to convulse into a heap. And this is our president? This is what Americans present to the world as our leader? The man urgently needs a neurological evaluation and those results should be made publicly known because all Americans have the right to know if the Commander-in-Chief's brain is functioning normally. It obviously is not.

    But Biden's doctors should be held accountable because thus far, they are keeping tight-lipped about his condition but the day will come when we will see them being interviewed on news programs concerning this matter, which, quite frankly, is a serious matter of national security because if the guy in charge of the nation can't put two and two together in his head, in his mind, then his brain is misfiring and not operating on all cylinders. He has no business pretending to be the nation's president.

    He'll never make it to the next scheduled State of the Union address. It will likely be given by his under-study, Kamala Harris, who is being groomed by the Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer, Obama and the rest of that political Mafia. Now I know who really won the Cold War. And the war on terrorism. It wasn't us.

  25. Rich Safriet 2 weeks ago

    Iran is, Pakistan is.

  26. Jean Shibler 2 weeks ago

    So now we’re left with Terriosts flown in this Country, God help us!!! Biden regeme did this!!!

  27. mike 2 weeks ago

    Who's the barbarians? The taliban are not chopping the heads of unborn babies!

  28. christleei 2 weeks ago


  29. Jerry Abram 2 weeks ago

    I have no family members there and it's still to many

  30. Sandy Juntunen 2 weeks ago

    biden didn't fail. It all went exactly as planned. All he has in his heart for America is hate. He can't blame it on dementia, he's always been a lying, weak, perverted traitor.

  31. New Covenant Grace 2 weeks ago

    Can we all say TREASON! Mom

  32. Dempsey ILDEFONSO 2 weeks ago

    Impeach him!!!, He totally incompetent, cognitive impair to be president! He Dangerous and Is destroying American!!!
    America wake up !!!!

  33. David Lim 2 weeks ago

    Biden is like: “Screw you guys I’m going home.” -Joe Biden

  34. I am Kesha 2 weeks ago

    The covid fear mongering isn’t working anymore so this administration is bringing in terrorists to do that. What they are overlooking is many of us are armed but that’s why they want to disarm us.

  35. Charles Jones 2 weeks ago

    Old Joe illigitamate

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POLITICS: Retired Major General: Biden doesn't have America's interest first - Video

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