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New York: Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Taliban: China is our “Main Partner”; Soros warns Chinese economy about to collapse


Taliban: China is our “Main Partner”; Soros warns Chinese economy about to collapse

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Seeing the last of the U.S. military planes leave Kabul airport, Taliban supporters fired guns and sirens into the air in celebration. But the days that followed were not something worth celebrating. The Taliban regime is under pressure from all sides. They have welcomed the Chinese Communist Party in cooperation. But the Chinese have yet to make a public statement on its intentions.

Bloomberg recently warned that Beijing should not go back to a planned economy, which would kill the Chinese economy. Hong Kong financiers say the CCP believes precisely that a planned economy is the perfect path. Soros just can’t understand the Communist Party, and clearly sees that China’s economy is facing collapse.

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Taliban: China is our “Main Partner”; Soros warns Chinese economy about to collapse
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  2. אדוארד בר 3 weeks ago

    When is no God
    There is Satan

  3. Ted Longe 3 weeks ago

    Take heed.
    Any thing Soros said in public is to benefit himself. He plays games he dose work with bets in stock. He will say something to push people in a direction to benefit himself.
    Don't trust a snake just because you think he brings good news or what you want to hear he is still a snake.

  4. Zalt Company 3 weeks ago


  5. אדוארד בר 3 weeks ago

    Two very evil 😈 partners 😂

  6. she nonnie 3 weeks ago

    Sure good people
    want goodness for
    all people.
    This is God's Will, within those who
    are greatful 🕊️🐠🌄
    Every individual
    must govern
    themselves, just as
    every family and
    every state and
    every nation must
    govern themselves
    according to the measures and guidance that God
    provided for Mankind

  7. a2z 3 weeks ago

    china want's to stand close to afghanistan 'cos it makes china look pretty

  8. a2z 3 weeks ago

    by butt hole's better looking than trudeau & smells better too

  9. mary stinson 3 weeks ago

    Only The Lord Can Fix What Barack Obama/Biden/The Clinton’s/Nancy Pelosi/The Bush’s & Every Sinister Politician who agrees with Any of Them DESTROYED! I believe George Soros is dead, he was called “The Phoenix” That names been given

  10. Nicks Daddy 3 weeks ago

    They warned us years ago that the CCP was manipulating the market in their country, and that we should pull out our investments. I sold all my foreign stocks and invested in American owned companies!

  11. William Farr 3 weeks ago

    First off, believe nothing coming out of Soro's pie hole, in fact assume the exact opposite, same goes for Biden/Harris/Psaki, Blinken, Klain, Rice, Kirby, Austin & Lloyd…
    As long as the current FAUX administration is in the WH, China has nothing to worry about…Beijing O'Biden owes them big time & rest assured the CCP has everything on Hunter, this is called the power of persuasion…
    Bill on the Hill… :~)

  12. Linda VonHaugg 3 weeks ago

    Who gives a rats butt of any opinion of soros. I say f him. I also don’t care for China except for one boy who lived with me. Screw both of them. Care about America first.

  13. Erika DeBiasse 3 weeks ago

    Soros – Americans don’t give a damn and you can leave our country and stay out of our elections. I am a child of Hungarian refugees and we know what destruction you bring about.

  14. Michael Schaller 3 weeks ago

    Screw tube needs to be remembered for their part in our problems since joebamakameltoe
    Was installed like a toilet and bidet combo forvthe whitehouse

  15. X Y 3 weeks ago

    soros ? Noo…, that is SATAN !!!
    In one day, and I hope very soon….he will meet our Creator ! He better start thinking about what is going to reply to God , rather then bothering us with his lies….
    And so for all the bunch of satanists….rothschild….rockefeller…. biden…bush…obama…clinton.. gates….faucy….pelosy, naming the most importants of them….

  16. Mil Van 3 weeks ago

    Good for the enforcement of central economy…it will send China back to Stone ages faster.

  17. Grant Frautschi 3 weeks ago

    Soros,,, Biden,,, Gates,,, Obama,,, etc etc All or the Enamy off the USA..

  18. Henry Craven 3 weeks ago

    Enjoy your 3day weekend and God Bless!

  19. Josef Minartz 3 weeks ago

    Oh to be Pontius Pilate and wash my hands of the world and their filth would be Amazing, truly he was blessed more than us freaks who do not want to wash off Jesus or His crimes!!!$

  20. Josef Minartz 3 weeks ago

    Scott you know Gold is worthless but I know your hands are tied so I forgive you###

  21. Josef Minartz 3 weeks ago

    Amen and I claim Yeshua that my Prophetess Mother put down her offerings and sacred objects to hold me up for you, but see how a son raised with that priority is more for the mother than the Prophet dedicated to her son or the son offered to Yeshua as a Prophet by a wise Mother who wanted her son to be about his Father's buisness!!!… Do you see?… I do; my business is my Father's but more my Mother's for not for you I would not have prayed for wisdom above all else at 7 years old or at 20 years after many evil blunders had the audacity or sheer stupidity to ask Yeshua give quadruple the Mantle of Elijah to serve you as a Prophet and lead your people in spirit and truth back to you as none have done before me since ages past so I only rely on you..
    Weather in rags or riches or whatever you will my Lord, but right to be right even if it kills me for the virtue of right and no other reason!… This prayer destroyed me Mom and shattered my arrogance while smashing my idea of a man as I knew it and made me a eunuch unto the Lord effectively as man that could see all angles of coins or laws as you see it flipping in time for all existence and back again unto Rome, Greece, Babylon, Egyptian Empire, Autumn Empire, Western World that we all know…; but no matter the difference the one man chosen by a God all(even His own people) had given up on and forgotten reached out to his people who were not his people no more and sympathized through identification with their plight and pain where no government cared or helped but added more hate to their hate and pain to pain… (We Americans are here now no matter your faith!)… This man against all against him saved a broken man that he did not know by the most horrible crime of his day; he Moses KILLED AN EGYPTIAN TASK MASTER!!!!….; THE SAME AS A MODERN DAY COMPANY CEO LIKE MARK Zuckerberg of FACE BOOK!!!…. So now we all relate right???… Moses for then but better men of Yeshua are for now: and Killing we leave to the Devil's children we pretend do not exist; So Prophets and Prophetesses; What Egyptians must fall or pyramids crumble???…. America???, Mexico???, Spain???, France???, Russia???, Germany???, or the whole WORLD???????, AND REVELATIONS OF JUDGMENT DAY FROM OUR SAVIOR JESUS OUR CHRIST IS UPON US!!!!!!…… …… And the Mountain of Sin(Bad target practice) is our new Prophets or Prophetesses desert abode to seek God's face we can't see anymore out of love and humility to Save… And that abode becomes a way to lead and burning thoughts that make commands of men and women with children in stone like a Meteorite of black and block that says That first Moses of long ago was a filthy man like a Jesus but we superior righteous ones must beat our wives and women with oak staves in order to teach our Mountain black block!!!!!###….. WOW AMERICA OF COURSE OUR WORLD COULD NEVER GO THERE????… …UNLESS YOU SIDE WITH JOE BIDDEN AND A TINY LITTLE NO THREAT ORDER CALLED THE TALIBAN!

  22. listenupfools 3 weeks ago

    I for one,dgaf what soros thinks.hes all up in everybodys business,hes a world enemy,and not long for this world either,hes doing as much damage as he possibly can befor he checks out.ill never see a damn dime from that guy,so he can go strait to hell as far as im concerned

  23. Ken Turner 3 weeks ago

    I don't like Soros. I don't like what he has done with the Gates foundation and I don't like his apparent attitudes towards " the peasants". But as far as business is concerned he has enough clout and "key" friends to make you realise that if he says an economy is about to collapse…it will.

  24. Michael Walsh 3 weeks ago

    Soros. Why would anyone deal with him

  25. David Benner 3 weeks ago

    The Communist Chinese will take what they want.

  26. Lord Hytro 3 weeks ago

    Sounds like Soros is worried about his big money invested in China.

  27. Robert VanMeter 3 weeks ago

    I'm seeing a pattern Napoleon, Stalin,Lenin, Putin, Lemon,Biden,Satan,last names sound like in better throw it out!

  28. Phyllis 3 weeks ago

    Evil will take down Evil

    And….GOD WINS ✝️

  29. david arms 3 weeks ago

    China will collapse
    Wait for 3 gorges dam to burst

    Not to mention when the US seizes all chinas assets in the US .
    CCP deserves to fall .
    I feel for the citizens

  30. Gugenheimer 3 weeks ago

    $oros is a monster and a liar. Every vile word he vomits up is putrid with evil. He just lost trillions, and now he's trying to get it back by manipulating the Chinese investment environment.

  31. denise hernandez 3 weeks ago

    There is never true loyalty in corruption.

  32. Maria 3 weeks ago

    Very Good News! Thanks Scott! A lot of great reflections on it! You are so bright! 🏆

  33. Howard Petterson 3 weeks ago

    The establishment realised that the war over gold was useless and it happened in the boer war.
    A mere 33 later Roosevelt banned gold in the hands of the population
    That was RESET number one.
    WE THE PEOPLE ARE NOW entering the 2nd reset
    And it feels like the Valley of the shadow of death.

  34. Douglas MacKallor 3 weeks ago

    For once, I hope that Soros is right. Knowing him, he will help in the PRC decline and make billions just like he did to other countries. Evil destroying evil. But, I will accept that.

  35. Peter Ruby 3 weeks ago

    I always say that China's success in recent decades isn't a result of communist policies nor any genius of communist ideology: it happened because China borrowed some methods from the fascism. Sorry, I have to explain right here that for me, the Hitler's National Socialism is blending together with fascism, although it was born in Italy, and it is also blending because Stalin called German National Socialists "fascists", because he didn't want to be known that Hitlers's party was just as leftist as his Soviet Russian communists.
    So it was Hitler's fascism that was able to have prospering business and positive technical development, while having a totalitarian power over people and economy. China borrowed this method and the economical miracle ensued. But lately I kept noticing some rather minor pieces of information that Xi gradually cuts off the freedom of Chinese billionnaires. When it was about third times I saw it, I said that this will surely kill their economic miracle. Because communism without freedom of bisiness enterprise kills the development. They are bound to stagnate imho, yet the question is if it happens before they conquer the world or start a WWIII.

  36. SOAR HIGH SEE BEYOND 3 weeks ago


  37. John Wherry 3 weeks ago

    Nothing should be done to bail out George Soros or any other investor in China. They got greedy and were willing to invest in a country that does organ harvesting, runs concentration camps of Ouighers and practices slave labor. Screw him and the other greedy bastards that finance China. Sexually penetrate him and the others. This includes Apple and Google and Facebook, et.al

  38. Bass ManSays 3 weeks ago

    George Soros aka (Gyorgy Schwartz ) Would love to step into CHINA and bail them out so he Steal all of Money like he did in Germany along with the Nazis and the Bank of England.

  39. Bass ManSays 3 weeks ago

    The Chinese Economy Teetering on the Brink of Collapse, this is why China needs Beijing Biden Elected as President CHINA BIDEN FAKE NEWS & FAKE PRESIDENT . Also why China released the CHINA VIRUS on the US Economy and the World. All the Nations of the World should Unite to hold CHINA Accountable and make them Pay for Over 7 Millions of DEATHS around the World. They want to Take Over the World and Control Everyone. Call it what it is THE CHINA VIRUS. They used a Biological Weapon on the World to Crash the World Economy for there own Gain to Spread Communism. They will even go to War to stop the Collapse of there Economy and keep the Chinese people and the World under the Control of Communism. CHINA BIDEN FAKE NEWS & FAKE PRESIDENT – Say NO To The 2022 Winter Olympics in CHINA ! They Should be Punished for Releasing THE CHINA VIRUS on The WORLD & the 7 Millions of DEATHS & Counting with the CHINA VIRUS still KILLING people across the World.

  40. Bass ManSays 3 weeks ago

    Biden the Clintons and Oboma along with George Soros aka (Gyorgy Schwartz) funding $$$ sent in Antifa & BLM Activist's into the the Trump Rally in Washington DC to try to burn down the Captial. The Trump Supporters Stoped them ! This was all a Setup by the Left to Control the Vote of the Electoral's and Create Panic to Steal the Election from the US Voters. CHINA BIDEN FAKE NEWS & FAKE PRESIDENT

  41. Marcia 3 weeks ago

    Don't believe anything Soros says, he's the father of all lies

  42. Marcia 3 weeks ago

    I pray for Isreal!

  43. OLGA TELLO MORROW 3 weeks ago


  44. Raymond Page 3 weeks ago

    I do not trust anything that George Soros says he may be right but he's evil and they do not like him he's part of the reason why we've had so much trouble over here in the United States

  45. Agigage Tawodi 3 weeks ago

    Soros is a terrorist. Funding ANTIFA & BLM and providing militant training facilities. Why is he not imprisoned? Oh wait I forgot, if you are ultra wealthy you can do whatever you please these days including ruling the lower class of people and bringing back slavery again for us and killing our people just as you always have.

  46. D Glass 3 weeks ago

    I don't think it's wise for the Talaban to sell American assets to China as it could be used against THEM at some future date since it seems to be China's goal for world dominion. Just my opinion

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POLITICS: Taliban: China is our “Main Partner”; Soros warns Chinese economy about to collapse - Video

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